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Progardes® is a pasture legume that offers a highly palatable source of protein, with excellent digestibility that converts to higher weight gains. Results from paired paddock trials demonstrate annual weight gains of 40kg/head over buffel-only pastures. Progardes® is a high protein and energy feed for cattle that prolongs the availability of high-quality forage and reduces the need for supplementation. Cattle reach target weights sooner, allowing the producer to increase stock turnover and stocking rate, resulting in more beef per hectare.

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Tropical species have the potential to improve pasture productivity

A recent NSW DPI Trial (Toole et al., 2019) concluded that JCU2, marketed in Progardes® Desmanthus – a blend of cultivars selected for broad adaptation, was productive for herbage mass and water use efficiency on the study’s measures. Read the full publication here
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Future Beef calls moisture storage vital for reliable pasture establishment during a dry year

Rainfall across most of central and southern Queensland this summer has been significantly below average. Even under dry conditions such as these, research and commercial experience demonstrates that successful pasture establishment can occur if soil moisture is stored prior to sowing. To demonstrate this, Laurie Peake at Wandoan is hosting a trial investigating the impact of varied amounts of stored soil moisture (via different fallow lengths) on the establishment and early growth of a new grass-legume pasture.
*Photo: New desmanthus and buffel plants germinating after rain in March 2019
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Over the fence

MLA Feedback magazine

Lynda and Darcy O’Brien, Basalt, QLD, are trialing Progardes “now that we have a bit more moisture in the soil”.
Progardes features in the link below to MLA Feedback magazine.
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Black Basalt rehabilitation

Event: Black Basalt Country Rehabilitation

When: 10 am, Tuesday 9th April
Family friendly event NQ RAFS Educational Program & School Aged Children Activities
RSVP Heather 4761 5170
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