About Us

Agrimix was founded to assist beef producers improve their pastures in the harsh conditions of northern Australia, through leading-edge pasture science and innovation. Agrimix partnered with James Cook University (JCU) to commercialise Progardes®, a selected blend of Desmanthus pasture legume species with superior genetics and diversity, developed by Chris Gardiner from JCU’s School of Veterinary Sciences.

Progardes® is a pasture legume that offers a highly palatable source of protein, with excellent digestibility that converts to higher weight gains. Results from paired paddock trials demonstrate annual weight gains of 40kg/head over buffel-only pastures. Progardes® is a high protein and energy feed for cattle that prolongs the availability of high-quality forage and reduces the need for supplementation. Cattle reach target weights sooner, allowing the producer to increase stock turnover and stocking rate, resulting in more beef per hectare.

The highly experienced Agrimix team – Nick Kempe, Greg Campbell, Sarah Clarry, Chloe Kempe and Iain Hannah – offer valuable technical support and specialist advice to farmers on establishing and managing their pastures. Producers working with Agrimix consistently cite the excellent communication and ongoing support they receive from the team, in addition to the outstanding results in animal weight gain and soil improvement.

Nick Kempe from Agrimix examines the tap root on a Progardes plant