Desmanthus & Pasture resources

In this page you can find information on Desmanthus and using legumes in your pasture

  • Tropical Forages – Desmanthus. Download here 
  • Desmanthus factsheet (via DAF) (updated January 2018). Download here 
  • FutureBeef (Bob Clem’s article ‘Legumes for Long-Term Pastures on High Fertility Soils’). Download here 
  • FutureBeef (Rundown Factsheet 2). Download here 
  • Legumes for Clay Soils reports – (Clem and Jones, 1996 (176 pages) – big project). Download here
  • Legumes for Clay Soils reports – (Clem and Jones, 1998 (10 pages) – on-farm trials). Download here 
  • Rundown report via MLA website (all 4 volumes lol). Download here. The desmanthus persistence and productivity is in Volume 3.
  • HOF – Phase 1 general land type suitability etc. Download here
  • Phosphorus review report. Download here 
  • Link to Legume BMP project story on FutureBeef (and eventually to our NEW website).Download here