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The Effects of Diet Preference on Feed Intake, Digestibility and Nitrogen Balance of Sheep Given Iseilema spp. (Flinders Grass) Hay and/or Desmanthus leptophyllus cv. JCU 1 Ad Libitum. Download here

Steer Liveweight Gains On Progardes ® Desmanthus/Buffel Pastures In Queensland. Download here

Differences in soil water dynamics and herbage production between temperate and tropical pasture species for Central West NSW. Download here

In vitro assessment of ruminal fermentation, digestibility and methane production of three species of Desmanthus for application in northern Australian grazing systems. Download here

Methane Emissions and the Use of Desmanthus in Beef Cattle Production in Northern Australia. Download here

Growth and eye muscle area of cross-bred Boer goats fed Desmanthus cultivar JCU 1 hay

Abstract summarising paper presented at Animal Production 2018 : Fostering innovation through the value chain. 32nd Biennial Conference of the Australian Society of Animal Production. Download here